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Premier ENT Treatment in Bangalore

We are a state of the art center for advanced ENT care in Bangalore, India.

Otorhinolaryngology or ENT, is at the same time one of the most basic and most complex branches
of medicine, covering a wide range of issues involving the Ear, Nose, Throat. It requires a
comprehensive and holistic approach which is provided by our ENT surgeon, Dr. Deeksha Rao

Patient Care at The Venkat Center

  • Each patient is given adequate time and thoroughly examined
  • The patient is explained in detail about the condition he/she is suffering from, in the language he/she understands
  • The patient is explained about why he/she was susceptible to this condition and how it can be prevented in the future
  • The patient is explained about each medication being prescribed, how to take it and how it acts.

About Dr. Deeksha Rao Venkataram

Dr Deeksha Rao Venkataram

Dr. Deeksha Rao Venkataram (MBBS MS (ENT)) is our otorhinolaryngologist and hair transplant surgeon. Dr. Deeksha did her undergraduation and postgraduation in ENT from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. During this time she was trained in and attended several workshops in all aspects of otology, rhinology and head and neck surgery. She had a special interest in allergy treatment and trained extensively in the same. She presented numerous papers and won several awards during this time. After finishing her postgraduation, she trained in hair transplantation under Dr. Venkataram Mysore. She also developed a special interest in the laser treatment for snoring and is one of the first proponents of this unique treatment in India. Dr. Deeksha takes a special interest in all her patients and aims and treating them holistically, which is why she is adored by her patients. Click here to see Dr. Deeksha’s CV.

Patient Experiences

Dr.Venkatram, Dr.Aniketh and Dr. Deeksha are excellent team with great dedication providing the best treatment. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the treatment provided. I wish all the team all best in their endeavors.

Raghavendra Prasad


I was pleased with my experience at Venkat center the doctors are well experienced and humble and follow there ethics . The main priority to them is the patients comfort and I am satisfied with there treatment

Nikita Nayak


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Voice change can occur due to a common cold, Gastritis and reflux disease, excessive use of the voice in a high pitch & in rare cases, cancer of the voice box.